About An Achievable Dream Academies

With a vision of bringing equity to education by providing tools for success in school and life, An Achievable Dream has operated schools for over 27 years for students who face a variety of social-risk factors ranging from low socioeconomic status, single-parent, no-parent or guardian-led households, incarcerated parents, and more. Designed to equip students with additional opportunities, mentorship, exposure, and resources to supplement traditional public education, An Achievable Dream focuses on educating the whole child in a culture of hope and high achievement.

Culture and academics go hand-in-hand to create a school environment that truly engages students and propels them to success. The SAME (Social, Academic, and Moral Education) framework is a proven model for success that creates a unique culture of high expectations, emphasis on relationships with love and acceptance of every student, and a family environment within a school. This, coupled with the often missing links of education – social emotional and character development – and unwavering emphasis on academic achievement are the building blocks for the SAME framework.