You can achieve a culture of hope and high achievement in YOUR school.

Achieve SAME Pro is an education model serving as a catalyst for change in your schools and school districts. It enhances school culture, empowers educators, and equips students for success. Through an assessment and customized plan; K-12 social, character, and academic curriculum; and ongoing training, Achieve SAME Pro empowers educators to create a culture of hope and high achievement for students and families.

While implementing, testing and revising this tried-and-true model over the course of nearly 30 years, An Achievable Dream’s program has been the focus of university studies and national recognition. Education administrators and other leaders began seeking out An Achievable Dream’s expertise in implementing similar successful models in their own districts.

Achieve SAME Pro is designed to ensure that EVERY student has the opportunity to succeed. It is designed to equip schools to implement the missing pieces. It is designed to empower educators and prepare students with the soft skills, academic foundation, and strong character to become independent, productive members of society.

Core components of Achieve SAME Pro can be selected and implemented in your district or school based on specific needs. After a mandatory two-day assessment, we prepare a diagnostic report and recommend a package based on our findings. We work with you through the entire process to ensure your school or district’s unique needs are addressed.

We also provide monitoring services and ongoing training to ensure your team has everything you need to stay on track, continuing to enrich the culture of your school, and the success of your students!